Tile Flooring & Backsplashes

Tile Versatility 

Tile is more than just a flooring option. In fact, if you don’t decide on a tile floor for your home, you may find it to be useful in other ways.
At Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, we have a wide selection of high-performance flooring, including tile. Though LVT has made a name for itself due to its durability and ability to mimic real hardwood and tile, nothing is quite like the natural feel of a tile floor.

Tile FlooringFlooring

Tile has a high resale value, next to hardwood, and is a lasting investment. Its natural strength makes it the perfect solution for high-traffic areas in your home. In addition, it is 100% waterproof, stain, scratch, and scuff resistant. Along with tiles natural durability comes its various colors, designs, and patterns. Tile offers anything from traditional to exotic styles. You are able to choose between ceramic, porcelain, and stone as your type. 


In addition to tiles natural beauty, it is also timeless and easily conforms to changing home décor. However, tiles versatility goes beyond its timeless appearance; it can also be used for backsplashes and in showers. 

Bare walls in your kitchen shouldn’t have to stay that way. You may have tried changing the wall color, but something is still missing. A tile backsplash adds a pop of color to your kitchen as well as texture. Choose from modern, traditional, or costal backsplashes to match your kitchens style. 

Tile is also used in showers to break up the normal and dull look. Instead of having a generic shower, add a unique touch with tile. Go for elegant, rustic, or anything in between. A tile shower is easier to maintain and won’t show the watermarks and dirt left behind. 

To learn more about tile and the available brands, contact Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home. Or, visit one of our six locations in Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, New Oxford, York, Chambersburg, or Harrisburg, PA.